The defeat of Italian football team

“The history is us… it is the people who make history,” sings Francesco De Gregori. This time, our team, including the coach, staff, and players, did not manage to create that blend which unites everyone, regardless of individual abilities. As Spalletti once explained to us, our players lacked legs. Every time he changed entire sections, and how can you feel united if this keeps happening in every game? The desire for redemption from the recent defeats that led to exclusion from the last two World Cups could have been the motivation on which to build this team and base the play on what each player does in their club roles. Instead, we saw lost looks, heads down, slow and never aggressive movements on the field. Wanting is not always enough, but what is asked of a team is to be convinced that anything is possible when you do your best.

What is asked of the national team coach is not so much to convey his vision of football, as he doesn’t have time to train new technical-tactical mechanisms, but to communicate enthusiasm, tenacity, and combativeness. On the field, you have to play to demonstrate something personal as individuals and as a team. Italy seemed paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes. How is it possible that this mentality wasn’t already visible in training?

I agree with what Donnarumma said, asserting that “we are not like this,” and there are many players who have played in European finals. In conclusion, Spalletti, from my point of view, got the approach to leading the team wrong, underestimating the role that psychology plays in determining those characteristics that the national team lacked. We played with fear of making mistakes, and this paralyzed our legs and minds, making losing very likely.

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