The meaning of winning and losing

“We should make it clear to most people that success is the exception, that human beings only sometimes triumph. Success is deforming: it relaxes, it deceives, it makes us worse, it helps us fall too much in love with ourselves. In contrast, failure is formative: it makes us stable, brings us closer to our beliefs, makes us return to consistency. Let’s be clear that we compete to win, and I do this work because I want to win when I compete. But if I did not distinguish what is really formative from what is secondary, I would be making a huge mistake.”

(Marcelo Bielsa)

These concepts are useful for each of us to acquire. It is necessary to have the awareness that we struggle to win, knowing that we may lose. This idea should never prevent us from trying our best and that we only learn from our mistakes.

How often do we think this way?

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