Why so many players do not think?

Someone should explain why if a young person plays a music at the same time he reads the music on the score, if he writes an essay instead he is certainly not thinking about grammar but organizing his ideas in a way that is understandable.

In contrast, many young people who play tennis think only about the execution of the stroke and not how they play, which is like thinking about grammar instead of the ideas to be expressed in an essay. that is, they play without thinking because otherwise they get confused.

For what reasons does a young person use his thinking in such different ways depending on the activity he performs. Is sports, in this case tennis, an activity where you just have to do without thinking? Of course not, but that is often what happens.

What do coaches do to teach thinking on the court while training? Do young people have to perform or also understand and gradually learn to decide what is best to do according to what is happening on the court?

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