Players mindset and dribbling

In soccer, dribbling is one of the most exciting aspects of the sport for the young soccer players. It is a sudden individual action that can change the course of the game if it results in a clear advantage for the team and an opportunity to score a goal. It requires certain psychological characteristics that can be taught to young people regardless of the fact that someone will always be better than someone else. Precisely because of its being an exciting activity in which one runs more of a risk of being blocked by the opponent than in others.
One of the relevant coach task is to teach young soccer players to take risks, therefore, teach them dribbling.

Dribbling is an action that requires:

  • Direct confrontation with the opponent
  • The taking pleasure in “jumping him”
  • The motivation to do one’s best
  • Initiative and decision-making
  • Anticipation and quickness of movement

Not possible when one has:

  • Fear of being criticized or rejected
  • Doubts in execution and one is slow
  • Fear of not being competent
  • Fear of the opponent
  • Fear of making mistakes


  • Task-oriented + soccer players are + motivated to improve soccer skills and in dribbling.
  • Footballers who are + result-oriented and – improvement-oriented will put less effort into taking risks and making personal decisions such as in dribbling.


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