Feeling ready to play a match

The variation of activation levels during matches is influenced by many situations and individual characteristics, among them the most important are:

  1. Sports experience – the greater the experience playing high-level matches, the greater the ability to know how to enter the match at the optimal activation level.
  2. Anxiety - the greater the degree of insecurity regarding one’s role on the field, the greater will be the level of activation, which if not reduced may prevent the player from playing at his or her best.
  3. Fatigue - the greater the physical and mental fatigue, the greater the likelihood of manifesting levels of activation and agonism that are too low and therefore inadequate.
  4. Impulsiveness - the greater the footballer’s impulsiveness, the greater the likelihood that his activation level will be too high at times of increased competitive tension and his play will become foul.
  5. Control of thoughts - the better personal self-control during the game, the lower the likelihood of acting without thinking.
  6. Motivation - the lower the motivation to play at one’s best, the lower the commitment and attention and the lower the level of physical and mental activation.
  7. Tenacity - the greater the conviction that one knows how to deal with any competitive situation with determination, the more effective the level of activation the footballer will be able to put himself in before the match.
  8. The role on the field - the clearer and more specific the role on the field is for the kicker, the more easily he will know what to pay attention to, how to mentally charge himself before the start of the match and how to maintain this condition during the course of the match.
  9. The phases of the match - Everything that happens during the match influences and is influenced by the activation levels of players and teams in a process of constant and mutual interaction. Important and decisive matches or friendly matches, early or late stages of the match, result for or against, playing in 10 rather than 11 are situations that affect the intensity of the competitive charge, which corresponds to the level of activation of the collective.
  10. The team - paraphrasing the saying that the champion team is made up of the players who amalgamate in the best way, it can be said that the champion team is made up of those players from whose global activation releases the agonistic charge necessary to express their game.

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