SportdelSud: The head in the ball

For the past few months I have been collaborating on SportdelSud a new online sports newspaper, with a column entitled “The Head in the Ball.”

It is an innovative editorial reality created by a group of young people who have been able to take up the challenge of putting themselves at the head of an entrepreneurial project in the communication sector.

Accompanying and supporting them along the way since its inception are great names in Italian journalism such as Darwin Pastorin, Roberto Beccantini, Fabio Monti, and Luciano Scateni, masters of sports literature such as Luigi Guelpa, and historical figures from the world of sports, while the corporate and managerial mentoring is entrusted to the experience of Vincenzo Imperatore’s Imperatore Consulting.

The goal of SportdelSud is to give readers back a space in which to confront each other, through original information that fights single-minded and homogenized thinking and acts as a glue between the sports people and the media world, setting itself as an antithesis to today’s media trend of clickbaiting and fake news. SportdelSud is, also, the voice of readers and fans, those who very often express through social networks the most interesting, “different,” politically uncorrect, frequently funny, sarcastic analyses.

A participatory newspaper, to which readers can send offline their reflections that will be turned into articles and published after approval by “moderators.”

The newspaper is growing so fast that in July it reached 54,753 visits and nearly 400,000 total visits, a record for the newspaper. It has been online for less than a year and is about to break the 60,000 visits per month mark!

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