The second wave gets us over fatigue

The “second wave” is a phenomenon typical of long-distance running, but which is applicable to any situation in life. It occurs in situations when you think you have used up all the energy you had and , instead, suddenly find the strength to continue.

It is certainly something that happened to me when during the 100km del Passatore, all of a sudden starting at 75km I had the certainty that I would finish the race and found the energy to run the fastest I was capable of until the finish line, without worrying about the route anymore.

The “second wave” was first described in 1906 William James in his speech to the American Philosophical Association and entitled “The Energy of Man”: “The existence of a reserve of energy which is not ordinarily available to us is very familiar in the phenomenon of the “second wave.” We usually stop when we encounter this lying, called, fatigue. We have walked, played or worked enough and desist. The amount of fatigue is a good obstacle. However, when an unusual need presses us to continue, something surprising happens. Fatigue grows to a certain point, then gradually or suddenly disappears and we are fresher than before. We have evidently uncorked a new level of energy.”

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