Be thankful that sport gives us such incredible emotions.

This is sport, an activity that continually gives emotions, to the athletes and to us who work with them. For years, I shared the experiences and lives of those who went in search of an Olympic medal or a world championship victory. These boys and girls were experiencing incredible states of mind on their skin, chasms of fear and joy, but we who stood beside them were no less emotional in rate either. We shared happiness and disappointments with them. As I get older, I am also not indifferent to the reactions of the wonderful and splendid swimming athletes I read about these days, the despair of Quadarella and the enthusiasm of those who won the world championship with world records. Sport is a highly emotional activity that touches extreme peaks precisely with the most prepared and most successful athletes.

This is one of the reasons that makes sports unique, we have to experience emotions to feel alive, and the athletes and female athletes give us this opportunity every time they compete. We should be grateful to these young people who give them to us.

In recent years, I have been very dedicated to the younger athletes, those who travel between 13 and 20 years old. Many of them win and lose at the youth level, and I have found that the emotions I feel are the same. Their emotions are the same as those of the adults and so are ours. It should never be forgotten that this is a job that requires not only competence that of the athletes and female athletes but also, and above all, passion. And so the heart must be controlled during competitions but immediately afterwards it must be allowed to express itself freely.

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