Sport is a key point in young development

Increasingly, sport is becoming the place where our young people can learn to become self-aware, responsible to themselves and others, adept at handling mistakes and correcting themselves, cooperative in a competitive environment, and competent in handling emotions.

To achieve these goals, sport must equip itself with sports managers and coaches who are aware of the value of these qualities and that sports learning can never be divorced from the development of these psychological dimensions. Just think that motor memory, that is, the ability to know how to take up a technical action in our mind and reproduce it, is always connected to the physical sensations of those movements and the state of mind with which it was learned. In essence everything that is motor is mental and vice versa. Mental repetition of a sports action immediately results in the activation of the motor systems necessary for its execution.

Only ignorance and lack of competence can prevent sports clubs from playing this role in the overall development of the young person even more so now that sports is a mass event and young people have lost all the other situations of spontaneous activity managed by them that were represented by playing in the streets, backyards, oratories, and gardens. Now there are only organized situations that should also play this role of growing the autonomy of young people through a sport.

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