Who is the personal trainer?

Personal trainer is a profession that is well established. It is therefore possible to identify what are the main characteristics delineating this job. I believe, of course, that the personal trainers should have at least a bachelor’s degree in sport science, after which they should have specialized in those motor and sports activities that they intend to teach their clients. The time when a bodybuilder or a person with only years of experience in the gym or on athletic fields claims to be a personal trainer should be over.

The following are the 10 main characteristics that they should demonstrate to do this work. Some relate to one’s lifestyle, some to specific knowledge and skills, and some to psychological and organizational dimensions.

  1. Physical appearance
  2. Healthy habits
  3. Knowledge of scientific data and their practical implications
  4. Skills for working with a specific population
  5. Communication and leadership skills
  6. Motivational skills
  7. Organizational and administrative skills
  8. Skills in providing a training program tailored to the needs of clients
  9. Skills in leading sessions
  10. Cognitive and emotional mental skills

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