Coach slaps female player

Getting angry with a female player is certainly legitimate for a coach, just as it is imperative that he exercise self-control over himself before exhibiting any behavior. This is what Luciano Bongiorno, coach of Basket Roma did not do with regard to a player on the team. I join in the condemnation of this violent behavior.

I find it equally serious that to date there has been no comment from the club.

Differenza Donna APS and Assist National Association of Female Athletes are calling for the immediate intervention of the President of the Basketball Federation, Giovanni Petrucci, and CONI President Giovanni Malagò, so that the coach of Basket Roma, Luciano Bongiorno, will be immediately disbarred and barred from practicing as a coach. “For us at Associazione Differenza Donna, it is clear that this gesture does not represent Sport what it means for the growth of everyone and everyone. It is not sport, but it is violence,” says Elisa Ercoli president of Differenza Donna. “This is a very bad page of sport, which can only provide for immediate and exemplary measures. Shameful and unacceptable,” says Luisa Rizzitelli president of Assist.

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