Coaching program for referees

In the web I came across this my old article about referees which is still current and of which I propose again a section.

I have been working with volleyball and soccer referees at the highest level for about 15 years, it was for me an extremely interesting job and very well accepted in that environment. Today it is an area completely abandoned by these federations. Obviously this is what has not happened in the world, especially in soccer. We were ahead of the other countries and then gone are the managers concerned (Benito Montesi in volleyball and Paolo Casarin in soccer) this area of intervention closed to these issues of personal and professional development of referees. The book Psychology of volleyball referees is dated 1986. We were Martians while we thought it was normal.

“The program is divided into four parts: definition of the self-development plan, implementation of the formulated action program, evaluation of the results achieved and final follow-up.

The definition of the personal self-development plan is carried out in two stages. The first involves the illustration of the results that emerged from the Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style and the formulation of a Personal Self-Development Plan centered on the following points:

  • Description of the main areas of improvement chosen by the referee
  • Description of the causes that have led to limited or unsatisfactory development in these areas
  • Description of what specific situations are most likely to contribute to maintaining these difficulties/limitations
  • Identification of what skills he/she wants to develop to overcome these difficulties
  • Identification of the parameters that they want to use to evaluate their improvement.
  • Identification of the actions he wants to take to improve these skills
  • Identification of who could provide him with trusted external support with which to confront and verify whether his behavior is changing.

In the next meeting, a specific goal for improvement is identified and an Action Plan is formulated.”

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