The transient of life

The story of Eriksen, the football player who was collapsed and fell to the ground yesterday during Sweden-Finland, reminds us that everything can happen from one moment to the next but probably it will not.He reminds us of the transience of life and on this theme Freud wrote a short text titled Caducity and explains us the value of optimism, a concept that he have never used. Optimism means giving value to the transience of everything that is beautiful and perfect.

One cannot live a life as if it were always the last day but neither can one indulge in despair because the wonders of nature wither and we cannot be eternally young.

“I contest, however, to the pessimistic poet that the caducity of beauty implies its debasement. On the contrary, it increases its value! The value of caducity is a value of rarity in time.The limitation of the possibility of enjoyment increases its value.” (Freud)

We must learn from these events and our personal events that they must be accepted, they remind us of the importance of our feelings and the richness of our lives.

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