Pre-race athletes’ biases

In the mind of every athlete before a major competition many thoughts arise. They are like salesmen who want you to buy their products, but not always this merchandise is the best to face the competition. Sometimes the athletes manage to buy only the ideas they need while in other occasions they buy the first one that comes to them and let them occupy their mind.

It is certainly not a problem that negative and anxious ideas pop up in the mind, it only becomes one if the athletes choose and magnify them.
Because it is really a matter of choice, there is no imposition. The athletes accept one thought (with its associated feeling ) and allow it to spread through the mind.

Some pre-race biases of athletes:

  1. “Let’s hope everything goes well.”
  2. “Just now I had to find myself in trouble”
  3. “It will be the race of a lifetime”
  4. “I did everything I was supposed to, now let’s see how it goes”
  5. “Hopefully it won’t be like last time”
  6. “The important thing is to start well”
  7. “I don’t have to relax/angry/beating myself up”
  8. “I’m in such good shape that I have to win”
  9. “With this opponent I have to win, otherwise…”
  10. “Important is that at some point I don’t start thinking about the result”

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