Why do you practice sports?

I often wonder if talking about sports is not a way to escape the most serious problems of the society in which we live. Then I am convinced that sports for all and sports of excellence are significant manifestations of people’s lives.

So much so that even in ancient Greece wars were suspended during the Olympics. Not only that … sport in all its forms and at any level and age is a human expression that allows us to affirm ourselves for the pleasure of doing it (a nice run in a meadow) or because it allows us to self-actualize.

In this way there is room for all desires, for those who want to walk and live their environment in the most natural way they are allowed and for those who want to excel.

Mountaineers are often asked “Why do you want to climb Everest knowing that it is a dangerous undertaking”. The answer is always the same “Because it’s there”. That’s how sport is, an endeavor that everyone can choose how to tackle.

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