Tell your dream

Tell your dream. We will help you to reach it

CEI Consulting helps athletes to:

Identify their specific concentration strengths and weaknesses with the most sophisticated performance enhancement assessment system

  • Be aware of their performance profile with a 360° assessment program (technical, mental and physical).
  • Be aware of their skills when compared with those of the best athletes in the world.
  • Develop coaching programs for improving and performing at their best.

CEI Consulting uses The Athlete’s Mental Edge, an exclusive performance enhancement system used by Olympic and championship-level athletes worldwide. It is a distillation of 30 years of research made in USA and Canada, Europe and Australia and hands on consulting with many of the world’s greatest athletes.

CEI Consulting is an assessment and coaching program including the following areas:

1. Your goals

  • How establish goals
  • Which commitment show the tough athletes
  • The correct mental habit during the coaching sessions
  • The focus: on the performance and not on the results
  • The athlete main mental mistakes

2. The stress management

  • What is relaxation
  • Strategies of optimal activation pre-event
  • How to learn relaxation and reach the right activation
  • When/how to use them during the competition

3. The concentration

  • Which kind of focus you need
  • Strength and weakness points of each athlete
  • The focus during the performance
  • Exercises to be focused during the coaching




4. Which are your fears

  • Are you worried about what?
  • Are you ready to perform, to do your best?
  • Is the fear useful?
  • How to manage the fear

5. Planning the competition

  • How to stay in your individual zone of optimal activation
  • One hour before the events: what to do
  • Your thoughts and feelings before the beginning and during the event
  • What to do during the competition days

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