Self-Efficacy and observation

In this period many interventions with the coaches that I am doing concern the use of observation as a system to improve their teaching during the sessions and their relationships with the athletes.
Albert Bandura’s model is an approach that can allow to apply one of the most widespread theories in psychology and that refers to the belief of a person to be able to successfully face a certain competition situation or even to obtain a specific improvement in a technical skill.
The theory of self-efficacy is based on four fundamental ideas to which the coach can refer to to promote the athlete’s improvement.

Past experiences - It has been shown that an indispensable source of self-efficacy lies in relying on past experiences of success in relation to a task.On this basis, the coach should therefore always link what needs to be done at that time (speaking of course of challenging and significant tasks) by linking this his communication to what has happened before, so as to always connect the past with the present.
Vicarious experiences - We refer to the concept of modeling, observing companions who follow a certain task and also their fatigue is an excellent stimulus to increase the belief in success. It is not difficult in any sport to build such situations in rotation among the athletes.
Social support - we know the importance of supporting commitment and supporting people after a mistake. We always put as first goal the development of the person and then the technical acquisition or the sport result. It is important that the coach explains “why” and not just “how to do”, learning and performance will improve because the athlete will feel that he or she is interested in the development of his or her psychological autonomy.
Physiological and emotional condition - Just remember that the warm-up is the type of activity allowing to achieve a physical and psychological condition of readiness, putting the individual in the condition of being ready. This applies not only to the beginning of the training effectively but also to prepare for the most significant exercises of each training session.

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