What is the competitive trait anxiety

The competitive trait anxiety is the tendency to perceive competitive situations as threatening me and to respond to these situations with feelings of fear and tension. Martens model includes four elements.

Objective competitive situation,represents the actual demands placed by the context and includes: the relevance of the competition, the characteristics of the opponents, the difficulty of the task, the competition conditions, the extrinsic reinforcements and the presence during the competition of people significant for the athlete. These environmental demands determine what an athlete must do to achieve a positive result.

Subjective competitive situation with the emphasis on how the athlete perceives, accepts and evaluates the objective competition situation.This aspect is mediated by the set of individual psychological characteristics. this dimension of subjective perception of the competitive situation, which refers to individual psychological processes, can be identified through the evaluation of the level of competitive trait anxiety, which is an essential parameter to assess the tendency of the athlete to perceive the objective competitive situation as threatening.

Individual reactions to competition are of three types: behavioral reactions, such as performance appropriate to one’s skill level; physiological reactions, changes more or less appropriate to competitive demands; and psychological reactions, changes in levels of state anxiety or perception of competence.

The consequences of performance, which in sport are associated with the result obtained by the athlete in a competition. Generally the consequences are positive in the case of victory and negative in the case of defeat and knowledge of the subject’s sports history in relation to his or her successes and failures is useful in determining how an athlete will approach subsequent competitive commitments.

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