Letter to the parents

Dear Parents,

  • Do not insult the referee and do not cheer against opponents when your child’s team is playing.
  • Instead, be correct in demonstrating your support in a positive way to all players, coaches and the referee.
  • Do not shout at your son what he has to do on the pitch, do not replace the coach.
  • Instead, let him play and make the choices he wants to make.
  • Don’t yell at her when she makes a mistake or when he plays badly.
  • Instead, support the commitment and show that you’re proud of her.
  • Don’t criticize the choices of coaches and referees a priori.
  • Instead, listen to them, put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their point of view.
  • Don’t get angry when your son’s team loses, don’t feel disappointed and don’t yell at him.
  • Remember, however, that the game is for the children, it’s not you who lost.
  • Don’t tell her that she has deeply disappointed you and that she will never become a champion.
  • Instead, make sure that sport is a fun and exciting experience.
  • Don’t pretend nothing when your child is disappointed or angry about something that happened while she was playing, but don’t tell her that a fool took it.
  • First, instead, listen, let him talk and show him that you understand his mood and then find a solution together.
  • Don’t teach with your behavior to have no respect for others, whether they are teammates, players of opposing teams, coaches or referees.
  • Show that you have respect for all of them and that you expect her to show it too.
  • Do not ally yourself with those coaches who only let the best players play and who show more attention to the best player.
  • Instead, demand that coaches give everyone the same opportunities to learn and show enthusiasm in working with children.
  • Don’t just talk about sports with your child, don’t just watch him on TV.
  • Instead, practice it together, in the open air playing, engaging in any physical activity that the whole family enjoys.

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