John Wooden legacy

The legacy of the great coaches is always current and it is important not to lose this memory: Here below the thought of John Wooden

“That’s what really matters: if you make an effort to do the best you can regularly, the results will be about what they should be. Not necessarily what you’d want them to be but they’ll be about what they should; only you will know whether you can do that. And that’s what I wanted from them more than anything else. And as time went by, and I learned more about other things, I think it worked a little better, as far as the results. But I wanted the score of a game to be the byproduct of these other things, and not the end itself. I believe it was one great philosopher who said – no, no — Cervantes. Cervantes said, “The journey is better than the end.” And I like that. I think that it is — it’s getting there. Sometimes when you get there, there’s almost a let down. But it’s the getting there that’s the fun. As a basketball coach at UCLA, I liked our practices to be the journey, and the game would be the end, the end result. I liked to go up and sit in the stands and watch the players play, and see whether I’d done a decent job during the week. There again, it’s getting the players to get that self-satisfaction, in knowing that they’d made the effort to do the best of which they are capable.”


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