The main topics of the next blog

After the summer break in writing to regenerate ideas, these are the main themes that I would like to present in the next blogs.

  1. Long-career athletes, how to continue to manage the stress of the need to win
  2. Reduce your psychological and daily life needs to the minimum necessary
  3. Call it what you want, meditation, mindfulness or concentration but train your mind daily
  4. Understand that warm-up is an opportunity for mental training
  5. The team atmosphere is decisive for providing exceptional performance
  6. Every single exercise is an expression of the physical, mental and technical condition of the athlete.
  7. Learning psychological techniques is only a small part of mental training
  8. “I do it because I like it” is the basis of every workout
  9. You must learn to accept stress and fatigue as you accept the seasons
  10. Convincing yourself that you have to do mistakes to be able to improve

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