Tomek Mackiewicz died on his mountain, the Nanga Parbat

During the descent from Nanga Parbat died Tomek Mackiewicz while his companion Elisabeth Revor was saved by two climbers coming from K2 base camp by helicopter and who moved up for 2,000 m from 4,800 m.

Another challenge almost impossible, climb on Nanga Parbat in winter on Messner-Eisendle track, never completed by anybody and conduct in Alpine style without any help and in total solitude with night temperature of-40.

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These the words to  a friend:

“Sometimes in winter mountain I get the impression that the feel free is not a mood, but something beyond the mind. It’s an elusive feeling that sometimes I reach but I am unable to grasp and analyze. Just I feel it, it run away. It’s so strange, I wouldn’t be able to describe it well in words. It’s elusive. It’s the absolute freedom, I believe. It’s something I feel and it’s probably the reason that pushes me to come back here every time.”

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