Use the best mental habits of others to change ourselves

The thoughts of others are an opportunity to reflect on our situation, about how we are working to achieve our goals. One mistake we make easily is to believe that for the reason we are doing well,we must necessarily continue in the same way almost automatically, without sweat and committing less. In those moments we become relaxed, not focused, arrogant, thinking that the result should get of course.
To react to this wrong thinking, I report the Claudio Ranieri’s thought, his team, Leicester,  probably will win the English league and that despite having a lead of +8 points a few games left, he says:
“We have done a lot, but in reality nothing yet. Now we need to clean up the thoughts, do not read, do not listen, stay focused. Fighting for every ball and every moment, as so far. To think only about the next game.”

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