Italian Football Association open its doors to the sport psychologists

Waiting that the role of sport psychologist is required again among the requested criteria to become in Italy Elite Football School, the youth and school department of the Italian Football Association has nevertheless made a significant step forward in the recognition of this professional. It has decided and informed the football schools that the choice of the psychologist to use in the clubs will take place only among those who attended a master’s degree in sport psychology. Therefore, from next year it will not be enough to be graduated in psychology  but it will need to have a title proving to have this specific training in sport psychology. The recognition of the specificity of this professional field is important because as with the doctor there are specific skills that the psychologists ignore and instead are needed to work with the young children and adolescents and there are clinical or psychotherapeutic skills to be used by the psychologists must be adequate to the sport context in which they will work.

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