Speaking to confirm our sport biases

On Monday we are all soccer coaches and, therefore, at the bar or in the office we speak about players, teams and results with the fervor of those who really could solve the teams’ problems. On the other hand, in Italy we have three sport newspapers, that every day must fill a hundred pages, read by millions of people. So the rule is that every sigh of externalization of a player or a coach are placed well in evidence to give arguments to our bar-reasoning. All this talk would be fine if the main effect was to develop a bar sport culture that runs out in the space of a coffee. Unfortunately, most of those who participate in these discussions are also the parents or grandparents of children, boys, playing football. With the same ease with which they express opinions on the coaches of professional teams, they consider themselves competent to criticize the coaches of their children and the children themselves. When they believe to have this right, they also begins to attack the referees because they are against their team and yell advice on how to play.
There is not  a happy ending to this story, because the sport newspapers will continue to enhance  the soccer in all its forms since people want to read exactly this kind of news. Luckly always it will always exist clubs, journalists and parents which make sport and soccer culture, but most people want to know every sigh of Icardi or Eto, because they play in the “big” teams and not how Sassuolo and Empoli succeed in the task of playing a good soccer. Not complain then for the spread of violence or fraud in football, because they are the extreme result of this non-sport culture.

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