Do not copy the Murray’s thoughts

The Ten Commandments written by Andy Murray to support himself in the game have done the world tour and certainly they should not be copied. They are the ideas of a specific person and for him they have a value but they must not have it for other players.

As always, what it’s important is the mental process behind these words and that highlights the relevance of following a own personal guide to stay focused on the tennis career.

The issue is that, instead, most of  the young players have not been trained to follow a mental journey that keeps them focused on their goals even in difficulty times. Many of them do not know what they need to play a match with a winning mind, they rely on technique or the mood of the moment or the blows they are good … these guys will never get to be in the top 100.

So guys do not copy the Murray’s thoughts but learn from him that it take key-ideas to win.

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