Tolerate the frustration to win

Tennis is a sport in which the winning player is who tolerate better the frustration of mistake. In fac, it’s a game in which approximately every 30 seconds one point is allocated to one of two players and this is repeated for at least 100 times in a match, and often even more. Therefore, every 30 seconds a player is satisfied for the point in his favor while the other is frustrated to have sent out his shots or not to have been able to respond to the opponent’s shot. This situation is repeated for a long period of time, not less than 90 minutes and often much more. You can win while committing many mistakes, some not forced by the opponent. Who does not learn to tolerate the discomfort caused by the error is likely to lose the game.

The frustration comes from not having put in one ball despite many hours of training … Is that wrong in having this mood? Absolutely nothing. Therefore, we must not fight this feeling, we must be aware without fear and to tolerate it. It’s obvious that no one is happy to be wrong … but the players has to know that she can win in court while wrong, tennis is not a sport of precision, but the match goes to the player who commits fewer errors than the opponent … therefore a deep breath and go play next point, confident in training that has been conducted.

The  must not play the point as if it were your last, because in this way the competitive pressure increases and you play with the fear of making mistakes (the arm of the tennis player). We must accept to be afraid, tolerate their mistakes even though it is annoying, use the mind to show on the field behaviors that transmit themselves conviction and retain the opponent under pressure though was in the lead.

Tennis is a fast game based on the physical and mental shape and the player’s game quality  … but it is also a game requiring patience and  not to think have have won or lost the match after half an hour of play, knowing it will be much longer. Only who combines these skills is bound to have a successful career.

He’s patient  only who after a mistake does not acceletare his game  to recover timmediately the disadvantage or otherwise slows it down with the intention to take fewer risks. It will show the patient only who accepts the frustration derived from error, reporting immediately the mind on how to play effectively the next point, basing this belief on what she learned in training and competition.

The tennis player is a man or woman of action that in the pauses between points is transformed for a few moments in a thinker who has to solve the problem of the next game.

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