In the pitch together: coach and psychologist

Some football schools have already opened their sporting year while others will open this week. I hope that more and more clubs have welcomed the sport psychologist in their staff, appreciating the added value provided by a skilled professional.

Listening to some of my colleagues I find that often the coaches are the main obstacle to work in a club.  They areworried about losing their central role, but often it happens that even if there is the psychologist, the coaches do not know what to ask and how to be helped.
I have always believed in the integration of various professionals in every sporting and in particular football schools. Here are interwoven so many different aspects, involving the technical, physical and psychological  growth of the young and for this reason, the integration of different professional skills becomes essential.

I asked a football expert with whom I worked for many years, to make a list of things you asked me and those who, with his experience of integrated work with the psychologist may suggest to ask . I publish it to share with psychologists and coaches the point of view of a coach who has learned to use the opportunity given by “teamwork”.
What ask the coach to the sport psychologist

  • How to facilitate understanding
  • How to get more attention
  • How to manage misbehavior
  • How to manage group conflicts
  • How to motivate
  • How to provide adequate models
  • How to deal with inappropriate behaviors / inadequate; comparisons with other teams
  •  How to reinforce / reward adequately
  • What teaching method to use and how to put it into practice
  • How to correct misbehavior without to punish


(by Daniela Sepio)

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