Bravery and humility

The coach of the All Blacks recently said at a conference that the warrior mentality of his players is based on the balance betweeny braver and humility: to be able to do extraordinary things but also recover quickly from mistakes, knowing how to quickly raise and win.

This skill distinguishes the from top athletes from the other talented athletes. Examples are:

Roger Federer changing is playing style to continue to remain at his level by compensating the physical limits with an increase of the effectiveness of the service and with more frequent descents to the net. Change to reduce the limits and win.

Valentino Rossi this year returned to win at MotoGP after  a long time, setting the record for oldest winner, he has not given up this opportunity and at the end he succeeded.

Tiger Woods from 60th in the world rankings instead retire in three years he returned to be #1

Giovanni Pellielo lost the London Olympics but the following year he won the world championship and he has already qualified for the Rio

Learn from them! Not just the talent it takes courage and humility.

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