University master in Sport Psychology

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce the new initiative of Telematic University San Raffaele, Rome. It decided to open a University Master Degree in Sport Psychology in which I  will be the scientific director. It’s a unique experience in Italy, because the challenge facing us is to combine teaching with web, workshop in the classroom and a supervised internship in sports organizations. We are building the best that can be provided in the Italian sports science and certainly the internship will provide an opportunity for psychologists to know and learn from the world of sport. As you know I have dedicated my life to the affirmation and development in Italy of this discipline of psychology and I am honored that the Telematic University San Raffaele has agreed to take on this new challenge in an innovative field requiring  specific and competent professional skills.
The course is open to graduates in psychology. For admission, you must have to graduate in Psychology obtained in Italy or degree in Psychology.
The Master provides 1,500 hours of work by the student (60 credits), divided into online classes, workshops on-site, a supervised internship in institutions and sports organizations and the preparation of a final project work.
The internship, which lasts for four months, will be held in structures such as the FIGC Football Schools, sports clubs and other sports organizations on the national territory.
The work carried out during the internship will be presented in the Project work discussed at the end of the Master.
In order to participate in the Master, whose launch is scheduled for December 2014, you need to reach the pre-registration application no later than October 1 pv.
The registration fee amounts to € 2,500.00.
At the end of the course of study will be graduating from the Master’s Degree in “Sport Psychology” awarded by the Chancellor of the Telematic University San Raffaele, Rome.

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