Win one football, give one football

With the “Win one football, give one football,” Coca-Cola has tried to link the soccer of the superstars to the social: the spark that created this link is represented by the football Brazuca, the same used during the World Cup in Brazil. 3.000 football will be given to Uisp sport clubs involved mainly in ethical and social projects. This colorful balloon was the protagonist of a great festival on the beach in Rimini, where it has been organized the “Challenge collective dribbling” among all participants.

Brazuca was donated at the first. Uisp-Italian Union of Sport for All along with Coca Cola are together to promote the ethical and social football. During the month of June, Coca-Cola has raffled off 50 footballs every day. Thanks to the “Win one football, give one football” to win every football Coca-Cola gave another to Uisp, non-profit association, for football projects with characteristics of ethical and social commitment.

“Uisp football is  passion and fun, not forgetting to look around – says Simone Pacciani,  Uisp vice-president  - this popular sport provides  opportunities of relationships and integration, each team is a small community of people who know each other and helps each other. Uisp football  is friendship and active lifestyle for all ages. Every weekend Uisp organized throughout Italy 10,000 football matches. A world of social cohesion that does not know no borders.”

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