Spain: the fall of Gods

It ‘s always hard to understand when it’s finished and even Spain has complied with this rule. The result of this team unawareness, that has dominated the world of football over the last 6 years, has been to lose at the world cup the two first matches against Netherlands and Chile, and in the seven goals conceded. Maurizio Crosetti in the newspaper La Repubblica to explain what happened uses the metaphor of the dinosaurs, “This is a geological era that ends … Everyone will say: there was Spain, was the mistress of the universe until one night he fell died as the dinosaurs. So monstrous, so fragile.” The game of  thousand assists no longer worked without the intensity and speed. Features that are lost not only to physical exhaustion but also for loss of the will, the desire to continue to be what you have been up to a minute before. When it does not happen, the player continue to play automatically but they have lost that mental spark allowing them to hide the ball to the opponents and hitting when they wanted. Spain has been in the field and started playing in the usual way, by memory, but lost the ball they were not able to take it, because the others were getting faster and combative. Losing the ball resulted in the players only frustration of those who did not understand how it was possible, instead given agonistic anger because their head had exhausted any kind of reaction. The sports competition is tough and it does not leave time for those who does not get up quickly after falling out and for respect of the match the opponents do not give time to recover rather they insist to chew out you until the end of the game. To make errors is physiological, everyone knows that it’s part of the game; not be ready to bounce back immediately instead is a big problem and Spain fell disastrously into this trap and lost. Also, I think that Del Bosque has called up for the World Cup players based on the principle that the team that won does not change, with the addition of the positive feeling will have for these players. This theme relates to the role of the coach is certainly not easy to deal with and now it would be too easy to make him the scapegoat. Guardiola  after winning everything and so repetitively with Barcelona left the team because he was exausted but perhaps also for the awareness of having reached a peak of successes hardly repeatable. Del Bosque has instead accepted the challenge to continue, after winning two consecutive European championships and one world cup,  trying to reach an almost impossible task but greatest if he could: on what foundation based its decision? Perhaps we’ll never know anyway but hat for having dared so much.

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