Mental coaching program

Mental Coaching

This is the  mental coaching program I propose who really want to improve their sport performances using a system used by athletes who won 10 Olympic medals. The program is divided into 5 areas of intervention as described below:

1. Your goals 

  • How to establish goals
  • Which commitment show the tough athletes
  • The correct mental habit during the coaching sessions
  • The focus: on the performance and not on the results
  • The athlete main mental mistakes 

2. The stress management 

  • What is relaxation
  • Strategies of optimal activation pre-event
  • How to learn relaxation and reach the right activation
  • When/how to use them during the competition 

 3. The concentration 

  • Which kind of focus you need
  • Strength and weakness points of each athlete
  • The focus during the performance
  • Exercises to be focused during the coaching 

4. Which are your fears 

  • Are you worried about what?
  • Are you ready to perform, to do your best?
  • Is the fear useful?
  • How to manage the fear 

5. Planning the competition 

  • How to stay in your individual zone of optimal activation
  • One hour before the events: what to do
  • Your thoughts and feelings before the beginning and during the event
  • What to do during the competition days
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