The coach’s skills

Often coaches discuss what should be their best competencies and often they tend to repeat the phrases most banal: “must have charisma,” “must be a leader,” or “must be decisive and firm in decisions.” Sentences are of a general nature that do not want to say anything, because every coach has his own idea of what it means “to have charisma or to be a leader.” Here I report instead a set of specific skills that a coach should have and on which everyone can compare their own behaviors.

  • Strive to acquire and implement new tactics and strategies into your coaching repertoire.
  • Never stop assessing yourself and making adjustments when they are needed.
  • Maturing as a coach takes time. Be patient and honest with yourself.
  • Just because something worked for three years does not mean it will be today. Constantly evaluate and adjust your approaches and strategies.
  • Hard work is important and must become and accepted way of life.
  • If you want to excel, be prepared to devote more hours than you originally thought necessary.
  • Do not emulate the coaching style of others just because they have been successful.
  • Find a coaching style that suits your personality and brings the best out in you.
  • Help your athletes identify and achieve they own goals.
  • Show concern for both the athletic and personal development of your athletes.
  • Respect is not given, but shared. If you respect your athletes, they will respect you in return.
  • Keep your relationship with athletes on a professional level.
  • Demonstrate ease for your athletes in subtle way.
  • Create an environment that is educational, supportive, fun, and challenging for your athletes.

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