Vivicittà 2014, the run for all

Sunday is the day of Vivicittà 2014: The race for all. It’s the biggest race in the world because it takes place simultaneously in 45 Italian cities and 10 overseas. This is the 31th edition, which takes place about 12 km away and joining together has always been some of the fundamental human values ​​: the need for sport, environmental protection, international solidarity and to livethe historic town centers. These themes are present up since the first edition of the event organized by UISP and Franco Fava in a 1984 article published by Espresso already presented this way:

” This first edition of Vivicittà is not just a sporting event, even if the sporting and technical certainly not lacking today … do run 30,000 people is no longer a novelty. Distribute though so many runners in twenty different cities, starting at the same time, using as a backdrop the historic town centers among the most beautiful in Italy and make sure to compensate for the run times under the different difficulty of the route is likely to leave almost in disbelief … Surely in the great day of Vivicittà, no one can say that the Italians have finally put aside the bad habits of sports fan but not actives. Certainly no one can deny, however, that a new era is coming on the horizon and a more healthy and democratic sport mentality is close to establish itself for the good of all. THe cities will rise from twenty to forty and one day, perhaps due to Vivicittà , the run made ​​in Italy could be exported.”

Well these predictions have come true and to emphasize the value of sport as a right of all, without exception, the race will also take place in a number of Italian prisons but also in Osaka and Yokohama, in Bosnia in Tuzla and Sarajevo. In other dates will take place in Lebanon in Balbeeck and Sidon in solidarity with Syrian and Palestinian refugees. The fundraiser this year (1 € per participant) will be finalized in the project “Sport and Dignity” in collaboration with UNRWA – UN agency for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to achieve 12 gyms for gymnastics, 12 spaces for volleyball and the training of trainers for these sports.

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