Focus determines the coaching intensity

The secret of the intensity coaching session is in athletes’ the focus skills. You can practice judo or shooting your goal must be the same: Work to stay focused just before the beginning of each exercise. It’s something very easy to understand, but usually only the best athletes have a daily practice in this way. Most believe that “it’s only training” so I don’t need to have all this concentration like during the competition, but they don’t understand that if they don’t practice every day these skills, they will not have the ability to maintain the focus during the events. Deep breathing and visualizations are the actions that the athletes have to practice continuously during the sessions, They have to start they technical actions only when their mind is ready to do it, otherwise they will train in a mechanical way without mind commitment. My advise: take a deep breathing, than visualize your correct actions and do it. Than again, after a brief recovery period again and again.

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