The numbers to accept to become excellent

Sport consists of statistics which can explain the fitness and technical expertise of an athlete, rather than the quality of the game and performance. As sport psychologist I want to give some numbers to highlight what needs to be done to aspire to build a winning mentality :

  • 3 – are the keys to success : commitment and dedication, family and friends, excellent coaches.
  • 4 – are the basic psychological skills: learning from experience, relaxation, positive self-talk and mental repetition.
  • 6 – are the stages of the athlete’s career: fun, moving, learn to train, train to train, learn to compete, learn how to win, retirement and career transition.
  • 7 – advanced psychological skills: goal setting, stress management, concentration, race management, performance evaluation, management of extra-sport life, coach -athlete relationship.
  • 700 – are the hours of training of a junior athlete.
  • 1,200 – are the hours of annual training of top athlete.
  • 10,000 – are the hours needed to become expert as athlete.
  • many thousands – are the mistakes to accept.

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