Why in the winter no one is dressed in summer

In the winter, no one takes to the streets dressed in summer, because we know that in this way we get sick and then to prevent this eventuality, we dress to winter. Why so frequently, first do we make a mistake and then we try to correct ourselves, instead to work to prevent it? It’s said that to prevent is better than cure. In sports errors represent what it should be avoided, the disease from which we must free ourselves, and usually taught that the cure is to learn to react to them as quickly as possible. This teaching is well summarized in the phrase: “No matter how many times you fall but how quickly you get up again.” To achieve this goal, the athletes are trained to get back to being focused on performance immediately after they did ​​a mistake. But if it’s better to avoid getting sick, what is the way to prevent errors? This means being aware of which behaviors to avoid and what to put in place instead. Regarding to sport, it means being aware of what mistakes we can make in that workout or race and to know what it’s the way to avoid them. Consequently, the athletes should be aware of situations that must be met, think about the mistakes that they could commit and that they has committed in the past and focus only on the actions that must take to do well. In this way, they will learn not so much to eliminate the difficulties, which are always present in a race, but to deal with them in a winning way.

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