Benitez’s philosophy: “without haste but without break”

From “tiki-taka” of Barcelona, ​​to the suffocating aggression of Juventus, to “without haste but without a break” of Napoli. Each team has its own philosophy based on the ideas of the coach. At the basis of any form of play there is an idea of football and I think that Benitez has a really good idea. I’is based  giving responsibility to the players, which are left free for a day after winning the match against Borussia, even if the next game is against Milan; which focuses on training with the ball to foster a positive climate in training and that it does not upset the players with a physical training too intense. It could say that we are just beginning the journey to say so well of the Benitez’s method. We forget, in this case, that a successful start into on two fronts, league and champions league, is very difficult and it have succeeded it’s a significant result just to confirm the validity of this Napoli new system.

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