Balotelli has to change

Balotelli can become a wasted talent, with the advantage of living in a golden world that relieves the failures with the money he earns in any case. Perhaps it will follow the way of Cassano, happy defeated in a Italian minor team, after having been the talent of Italian football. Eternal guys who do not accept the rules because they consider their talentsuperior to the need to respect them. Their problem is that they do not know they have a problem, for this reason they continue to repeat the same negative behaviors. The problem is represented instead by others, who do not understand them and that limit their footballing genius. Collaboration and team spirit are the social dimensions of which they ignore the meaning, there are only them, they are member of the Me-generation. Place themselves at the center of the world and they are the parameter to which the rules have to adjust. Narcissists: yes magnificently and truly negative. May be they couldchange, certainly if they understand that the world can do without them.

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