Kilian Burgada went up & down from Cervino in less than 3 h

It’s a great athletic performance that Kilian Jornet Burgada did, he went up and down from the Cervino (Matterhorn) in less than 3 hours, beating the record held by the Italian Brunod, dated back to 1995. The Catalan athlete reached the top in less than two hours and fell back with a mad rush between walls, crevices, meadows and sliding on snow in 55 minutes. Burgada also holds the record for the Mont Blanc and now he wants to runs to Aconcagua, McKinkley and Everest. Burgada is a skyrunner and as he himself says, what he likes is the life of skyrunner and not only the extreme performance. There are not rational reasons to perform this kind of performance, it’s the inner passion that drives these people and that makes you love the lifestyle necessary to reach these goals.  They are an example of how varied it’s  the human nature to choose the way to realize ourselves.

Su e giù dal Cervino in meno di 3 ore, l'impresa di Kilian

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