Be fit is not all

In this time of the year in most of the individual sports, the athletes perceive themselves in shape and ready to compete. This is the time to remember that to be fit is obviously a positive feeling  but also to know that this alone will not allow certainty to compete at the best. Because to do well means to manage the emotional state during the competition day, it is this psychological state that will open the door to a good performance rather than a poor.

The belief of being in shape is necessary to know that we did everything we had to do to get now this psycho-physical condition, but the day of the race is necessary to show a well-defined routine to manage the competitive stress  that, indeed, will try to disturb the performance. The higher the expectations of the athlete as well as its real chance of winning, the greater the need to feel immediately this personal optimal condition, just because the athletes on the podium is allowed to make very few mistakes and worsen the performance of 2% compared to other opponents, the more means losing.
The own personal routine is extremely important to follow a path that will put the athlete in his/her favorites physical and mental condition.

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