New professional perspectives in applied sport psychology

By: Cedric Arijs

When the European federation of sport psychology announced its conference with the working title, ‘Development of expertise and excellence in applied sport psychology’ I had the feeling this 2-day conference would be enriching for a young sport psychology student like myself, and I was not disappointed! Allow me to share some insights.

The many experienced applied sport psychologists (APSs) and researchers didn’t give the recipe for a successful career on a silver platter. But why would there be a clear-cut trajectory in a discipline where the answer is so often “It depends…”? Therefore, self-reflection and peer discussions are necessary. During the weekend I met many (future) colleagues in the field who were more than willing to share their stories with me. And I guess there are worse places for networking and becoming acquainted than a nice boat dinner on the Seine River next to the Eiffel Tower, wouldn’t you agree?


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