The Italian rugby team lacked the collective ferocity

It was not easy to repeat and confirm the result after winning exploits against France, it would be the demonstration that the change in attitude was something relatively stable. Till the end of the match against Scotland the rugby Italian team has always fought and this is certainly a step forward compared to the past. In my opinion there has been no the collective belief, it means to know that your teammates are willing to do the impossible to help you play at your best. Without this belief the team cannot win any game and leave the field domain to the opponents. Italy has committed many mistakes that show the lack of this mentality: the error by Orquera at the beginning of the match, some players arguing with opponents, balls lose for superficiality, no fighting spirit and too shy. In essence, good the players’ pride but to play it is necessary to attack, knowing that you can lose the ball and that is why the ball must be kept tight and every player should know that next to him has a partner ready to help him.

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