The questions asked by the sport sciences students

A question that students of motor and sport sciences often ask me, is about the importance of subjectivity, that is, the relevance of the beliefs of athletes. They are accustomed to believe that what can not be measured with some scientific instrument is not true. When they speak of fatigue, for example, think that listening to the athlete is not useful because objectively the exercises he is doing cannot have tired him. Of course, this student mindset is  affected by the enormous influence that the medicine and physiology studies have on their academic training. Following this approach they give relevance to the technical proposal of the coaching sessions, underestimating the importance of knowing ow to manage the relationship with the athletes. For them it is enough to carry out a proper training in terms of workload or methodological progression but are less geared to handle the emotions and provide specific guidance on how to approach a task in a concentrated way.

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