Eduardo Macia’s leadership

Emanuela Audisio always manages to make challenging her interviews and this time we did know a person who is able to express at least 5 ideas to me very interesting. This is Eduardo Macia, 38 years old, Spanish, Fiorentina football team technical manager. His ideas:

“I’m interested in the personality, if the player wants to risk.”

“And if he does not play,  does he go down or become more motivated?”

“Many say: that guy runs a lot. Then? Football is not marathon.”

“(Italian football) It’s a closed world, eager, full of prejudices. Even better: it is afraid of everything it does not know.”

“The power. It’s the only thing that matters and that qualifies a person … in England it is the personal capacity.”

(By Emanuela Audisio, La Repubblica, January 3 2013)

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