The female football

The spread of the Italian women’s football does not take off because whoever organizes it continues to hold raise the barriers of entry instead of lowering them. First, it continues to be widespread belief that football is a sport for males only: swollen calves girls and is unsightly to look at. Therefore, only the women-men could play and not women-women. Second, for girls are preferred non-contact sports or graceful sports. Third, parents are so convinced of these ideas leading to the football schools only sons, also for the reason they can become rich while for girls there is not an award so important. Today these ideas cannot longer stand the test of facts, made up of millions of girls happily playing football in the world but unfortunately in Italy they continue to be dominant. Keeping raised barriers as in Italy means continuing to feed three aspects: do not invest economically, in organization and people, not to search for talented girls and show intolerance and lack of respect towards the demand and the choice of a women’s football.
Football is not very attractive to the girls themselves to us because they do not see women or children teams playing in the fields. Let us remember that in Italy the boom in women’s volleyball came when the Japanese cartoons, that all the girls watched on television, showed for the first time stories about the daily life of girl volleyball players, as well as their games. In Germany, however, the barriers have been lowered, the German federation has invested and 5486 were born female football clubs (compared to the 300 that we have in Italy). Moreover, the greater empowerment of women in a country, the greater the tolerance / respect to the choice of a sport, football, which until recently was first practiced almost exclusively by males only. It is no coincidence that a certain point in time, in almost all the countries of Northern Europe, the girls were no longer discriminated against. This means that the barriers to entry have been opened and human capital was valued regardless of their gender. We have not arrived yet.

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