International Journal of Sport Psychology n.1/2017

 International Journal of Sport Psychology n.1/2017


  • Interaction of sleep and regular exercise in adolescents’ and young adults’ working memory (Mark Lawrence Wong, Gervais Wing Lam Cheung, and Esther Yuet Ying Lau)
  • Does having more participatory reasons mean more commitment? The simultaneous influence of participatory motives in sportspersons and exercisers (James R.Vallerand , and Bradley W.Young)
  • Effects of experience, knowledge, and skill on regulating the performance of futsal passing actions (Silvia Leticia Da Silva, Bruno Travassos, Keith Davids, Alexandre Moreira, Antonio Sabino Da Silva Filho, and Umberto Cesar Corres)
  • A multilevel study of transformational leadership and motivational climates in University basketball teams (San Fu Kao, and Jack C.Watson II)
  • Functional variability in golf putting differentiates between highly skilled players (Mark G.L, Sayers, Max C. Stuelcken, and Adam D. Gorman)
  • Artefacts expertise in sport: An empirical study of ice climbing (David Ade, Ludovic Seifert, Nathalie Gal-Petitfaux, Germain Poizat)

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