Lo sviluppo del tennista

Stage #4 CONSOLIDATING   in tennis - Ages: Girls 12-14, Boys 13-15
Psychological factors:

  1. Maintaining enthusiasm and enjoyment  both in practice and competition despite  the ups and downs experienced during this  stage.
  2. The development of an identity as a “tennis  player”. intrinsically motivated to train and  compete.
  3. Becoming resourceful in competitive situations.
  4. Developing a “going for it” mentality “ hitting the right shot under pressure” regardless of the score or situation.
  5. Enjoys the pressure of competition.
  6. Has an awareness of the importance of different situations and what is required.
  7. Developing a “no excuse” style – always tries to find a way to be competitive mentality.
  8. Developing an understanding of the critical factors that effect the ideal performance state.
  9. Developing the ability to manage arousal levels through proper breathing and relaxation techniques.
  10. Acquiring the skills to control the pace of the match via both an understanding of match momentum and the use of routines and rituals.
  11. Displaying positive self-talk, belief, thinking and body language.


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